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Voices Of Experience : Episode 10 - Dr. Pavan Joshi

For the 10th episode of Voices Of Experience, I was joined by Dr Pavan Joshi who is a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS and he also has his own private practice. 

Dr Joshi is a specialist in the field of Series Mental Illnesses, which is why we invited him onto our podcast dedicated to World Suicide Prevention Day 2020.

In this episode,  Dr Joshi and I spoke about mental health for the LGBTQ+ communities in the South Asian diaspora and the challenges they face in terms of accessing the right support that they need.

Following our dialogue around mental health in South Asian communities with a specific focus on the LGBTQ+ communities, Dr Joshi and I spoke about suicide. Dr Joshi elaborated in an accessible language the data around suicide in South Asian communities.

It was an honour to speak to Dr Joshi about a subject like suicide and self-harm. These are not easy subjects to explore, however, it's important that we do discuss them and I very much appreciate that Dr Joshi spoke about it in such a loving and accessible way.

Trigger warning: suicide, self-harm