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Expert By Experience is a volunteer-led anti-imperialist platform that creates a dialogue around mental health in South Asian communities through an intersectional and critical lens. Our aim is to contextualise mental health in relation to structural, historical and cultural inequalities.


Mental health does not exist in a vacuum and our aim is to contextualise mental health in relation to sexual orientation, gender, caste, and patriarchy (to name a few). These are the added layers to our everyday experiences. 


The range of experiences within the South Asian diaspora is vast and beautiful - though it is often weaponised as a form of oppression.

Inspired by the beautiful present and historic work by South Asian activists, the aim of Expert By Experience is to provide a platform for voices within the South Asian diaspora.

It is only through helping others find a voice that will we do justice to ourselves as a cause for good.

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Read pieces written & poems by South Asian writers on subjects such as mental health, belonging & identity.


Listen to our podcast series 'Voices Of Experience' & 'Hum Baat Kareinge'.


Read articles by allies as we amplify marginalised voices outside of South Asian communities.


Watch our cooking series
#DesiMenLetsTalkInTheKitchen as we explore intuitive cooking.


Engage with our growing resources that exist to support community and individual needs.


Explore our series where we aim to deliver mental health insights from a research-driven lens.

Why have we made our website low impact?

The internet is quite damaging to the environment. Every time someone makes a visit to a website it generates a data transfer which requires electricity. Electricity ultimately creates carbon emissions - all of which negatively impacts the climate.


Our new low impact website aims to reduce the data transfers by up to 72% in comparison to our old website.


We will continue to improve our website so that it is as low emission as possible.

Source: https://www.websitecarbon.com/

New website carbon emission per click: 0.48g

Old website carbon emission per click: 1.72g