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On this page, you will find our growing library of written pieces & poems by South Asian writers on subjects such as mental wellbeing, racism and even pets!

This page also houses our #SouthAsiansForBlackLives series, where we distinctively discuss anti-black racism in South Asian communities.

Let's Talk About Stomach Health & Mental Wellbeing

Tips On How To Hold Men Accountable When They Say Something Problematic

Beards: Applause for You, Stigmatisation for Me - 2020 Reflections

Racism and Mental Heath : Poem, Choke

Racism and Mental Heath : Poem, Racistance.

A note to South Asians - Black Lives Matter is not about us

Isolation Series: Dealing with Bereavement During Lockdown

Isolation Series : A wake up call for South Asian mental health?

Isolation Series: Learning To Live In Limbo During Corona

Pets & Mental Health, A Love Story : Unconditional Love

Pets & Mental Health, A Love Story : He Kneeds Me, I Need Him.

Saying Goodbye : Mourning The Loss Of Life & Home As A Immigrant

Found In Our Mother Tongue: Thoughts On Mental Health, South Asian Languages and Poetry

It's 2021, Are South Asian Comedians Still Mocking Our Cultures, Elders & Accents For A Laugh?

Challenging Patriarchy In South Asian Communities

Holding The Settled South Asian Diaspora Accountable For Their Treatment of Recent Immigrants

The ‘Professional’ in Mental Health Professional

Racism and Mental Heath : Poem, 'Where Are You From?'

Isolation Series: The issue of personal boundaries in South Asian homes

Poem : Shoreline By Madeehah Reza

Isolation Series : Reconnecting With Yourself During The Pandemic

Isolation Series: Taking care of your grandparents during Coronavirus

Pets & Mental Health, A Love Story : Cats & Overcoming Past Trauma

My Body & Mind: From Pieces To Peace

The Forgotten Generation: The Unsaid Mental Health Epidemic Amongst Elderly South Asians

Open Letter: We Need to Talk About How Mental Health Affects South Asian Men

Poem : फ़ासला - Phaasla

Before You Go

Body Image & Me: A South Asian Male Perspective

Dear Men, The Womxn In Our Life Are Not Our Therapists

The Power of Amplifying The Voices of South Asian Girls

The power of art in tackling anti-Black racism in South Asian Communities

#blacklivesmatter – South Asians are complicit in the f*ckery and this needs to stop

Isolation Series: Coping In a Toxic Environment During Lockdown

Isolation Series: Uncertainty & Worry in Unprecedented Times

Pets & Mental Health, A Love Story : My Fair Lady

A Mental Illness That Affects Me Because I Have Periods

Tackling Toxic Masculinity Through Martial Arts

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