Taimour Fazlani


Hi there, My names Taimour and I am the founder of Expert By Experience.

The reason I've founded Expert By Experience is because I want it to serve as a safe space where mental health in South Asian communities can be brought to the forefront without any fear of judgment.


Coming from a Pakistani background, I became an advocate for mental health after experiencing mental ill-health from anxiety in 2014. Although I've had anxiety all of my life, in 2014 everything changed.

Having gone through such a challenging experience I started researching and writing about mental health in South Asian communities. 


What I found through my research and lived experiences was that there is a vast gap where dialogue is needed for mental health in relation to sexual orientation, caste, religion and trauma (to name a few).

It is through this advocacy and desire to do my part for South Asian communities which drives my work every day. 

Inshallah through Expert By Experience I will be able to continue that work.