Welcome to our low carbon impact website


On this page, you will find a number of resources we've created to help our communities.

 'Our Voices' Zine

Expert By Experience & Taraki are proud to present our first ever zine.

 Automated Financial Sheet

Use our automated financial planning sheet to better understand your finances.

 Financial Remuneration Template

Use our template as a guide when you're negotiating fees for your services.

Recommended Partners

Meet our trusted partners and friends who are out there fighting the good fight.

Podcast Prep

Read our friendly guide for potential guest on how to best prepare for a podcast. 

Why have we made our website low impact?

The internet is quite damaging to the environment. Every time someone makes a visit to a website it generates a data transfer which requires electricity. Electricity ultimately creates carbon emissions - all of which negatively impacts the climate.


Our new low impact website aims to reduce the data transfers by up to 72% in comparison to our old website.


We will continue to improve our website so that it is as low emission as possible.

Source: https://www.websitecarbon.com/

New website carbon emission per click: 0.48g

Old website carbon emission per click: 1.72g