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Voices Of Experience : Episode 9 - Har1karan

For the 9th episode of Voices Of Experience, I was joined by Har1karan, who is a coordinator for the Chai in the City forum in Central London by Taraki.

Har1karan is also a self-published photographer who's recently released his own book entitled 'PIND' which is a beautiful portrait of a village in rural Punjab.

In this episode, Har1karan and I started our dialogue by talking about the male mental health forums created by Taraki where he is a facilitator. Har1karan spoke about his journey as a facilitator and he also gave tips for any self-identifying male out there on how to get started if they wanted to set something similar up in their area.

Following our dialogue around mental health Har1karan and I spoke about his beautiful community-based photography. We spoke about belonging, diaspora experiences and the role photography plays in allowing South Asian voices to create their own narrative.

Hope you enjoy this wonderful dialogue I had with an incredible photographer, facilitator and ultimately a friend.

You can see more of Har1karan work here.