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Voices Of Experience : Episode 7 - Dr.Devika Patel

For the 7th episode of Voices Of Experience, I was joined by Dr.Devika Patel, who is a psychiatrist based in the UK.

In this episode (a first of its kind for me as Devika asked me to not do any research!), Devika took me through the whole journey of being referred to a psychiatrist through the NHS for a serious mental illness - with me serving as a hypothetical patient. 

Being referred to a psychiatrist is a process not many people are aware off in the general public (including me) unless you've previously engaged with this process yourself or for a family member/friend. 

Taking incredible care, Devika explained each step of the process in clear and accessible language while allowing me to ask questions. 

An incredibly important and educational podcast, we'd highly recommend listening to it because our aim is to have Devika on the podcast again soon so that we can continue the dialogue around Serious Mental Illnesses. 

More importantly, if after listening to this podcast you have any further questions please do message us directly. 

Our aim is to cultivate a whole series around Serious Mental Illnesses and the help you can get for them.

TW: Suicide