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Voices Of Experience : Episode 2 - Season 2 - Maya Kalaria

Hey Love,

For the 2nd episode of season 2, I was joined by the amazing Maya Kalaria. Outside of being a close friend, May is a true activist, an all-around badass, author and poet. Maya lost her mother at the age of 9. Using her lived experience, Maya now speaks powerfully and openly about grief, misogyny, racism and the colonial trauma she experienced as a result of her early life circumstances. She is committed to decolonising her body, mind and wider society, and speaks passionately about connecting to our indigenous roots, wherever we originate from.

She welcomes uncomfortable conversations and believes strongly in healthy conflict resolution as a powerful tool for healing the divides between communities.

In this episode Maya and I discussed:

- Decolonising grief and trauma

- Connecting to ourselves, the planet and others

- Racism and it impacts on our mental wellbeing

- Grief and mental health