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Voices Of Experience : Episode 12 - Dear Brown People

For the 12th episode of Voices Of Experience,  I was joined by Sajni & Rupa, who make up the founding team of Dear Brown People. DBP is a incredible Instagram community which explores life within the South Asian diaspora.

In this episode, Rupa, Sajni and I spoke about the inspiration behind DBP, their aims going forward and ultimately what drives them on a daily bases.

Following our dialogue around DBP, we also spoke about identity and culture. More importantly, we delved into the work that they do and how their view of the role they play as progressives in South Asian communities has shifted since founding DBP.

It was so lovely to speak to both Sajni and Rupa, especially as they recently invited me onto their interview series. I really look forward to seeing DBP grow and will be supporting their critical work every step of the way.