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Poem : Shoreline By Madeehah Reza

You, with the tense shoulders Close your eyes, just for a moment

As the air disentangles And extricates itself from a body so tightly wound It began to implode on itself.

Jaw braced, brittle bones Ready for an impact that never came.

Go on, collapse in on yourself Or on another.

You are safe.


Pour salt into water, Sugar into syrup, Body into mind, liquefied and lost

This mind, a vault of heady thoughts Ideas, Emotions

And all these emotions Crash and overlap like waves on a distant shore Each swell bears a murky weight A deluge that looms over all Before it pulls into silence Over and over and over

Waves that ebb and eventually flow Until they go.

All these emotions

Rise to the surface, bubbling and spitting Hot from a violent fire that never burned out Thunderous across an empty plain, splinters you into two Shoots sparks that sting and scratch and make you bleed

But those emotions, They will not last forever

And in their steamy wake lies a marvel A wonder, borne out of fire A golden sun soaking in its own rays Hesitant to step forward and illuminate a sky

A sky so deep and patient, still and ancient Who tells you There is no rush in a moment that stands as long as Time itself

So close your eyes, O beautiful Sun Steal a moment for yourself On some distant shore

By Madeehah Reza

Twitter: @madeehahwrites

Website: https://madeehahwrites.wordpress.com/