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Hum Baat Karenge - Episode 4 - Goodbye Dominic Cummings

Hi Pyario, welcome to the fourth episode of Hum Baat Karenge!

Hum Baat Karenge is a podcast led by Arooj Khan and Taimour Fazlani and it is a bi-weekly podcast where we discuss topics from an intersectional & critical lens. Our aim is to look at everything going in the world & discuss how it will impact people of colour/communities, those with mental health issues & intersecting identities.

For the fourth episode of Hum Baat Karenge, Arooj and I spoke about and say our goodbye's to Dominic Cummings. A central figure in the Conservative government, in this episode Arooj and I explore the numerous mishaps, hiring of racist like Andrew Sabisky and unexplained trips enacted by one of the most hated figures in UK politics.

A prominent Brexiteer, in this episode we explore the role of Dominic Cummings in Brexit and the penultimate impact it's had on Black/POC and marginalised communities. We hope you enjoy our political commentary!

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Arooj & Taimour