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Hum Baat Karenge - Episode 2

Expert By Experience is incredibly proud to launch our 2nd podcast series which is entitled 'Hum Baat Karenge' (translation: 'Let's Talk').

Hum Baat Karenge is a podcast led by Arooj Khan and Taimour Fazlani and it is a bi-weekly podcast where we discuss 3 topics from an intersectional & critical lens.

Our aim is to look at everything going in the world & discuss how it will impact people of colour/communities, those with mental health issues & intersecting identities.

For our second ever we discussed the following 3 topics:

- Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict

- Save The Arts

- Equalities Act 10 years on

We hope you enjoy our second episode. 

As always, if you have any feedback please do send it through to expertbyexperience@gmail.com


Arooj & Taimour