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Desi Men, Let's Talk In The Kitchen - Pepper Wrapped Burgers

Welcome to our latest episode of #DesiMenLetsTalkInTheKitchen

In this episode we'll be cooking pepper wrapped burger!

Before you attempt this dish, I'd really recommend listening my tips and pointers audio below.

The aim of this series is to get more Desi men into the kitchen so that we can build their cooking skills together through intuitive cooking. More importantly the aim of this series is to show Desi men how cathartic cooking can be as a practice. With this in mind I propose the following rules:

  1. You won't always get it right and that's okay - learning is not a linear process (believe me I've messed up quite a few dinners in my time!)

  2. Forget Instagram - you're not here to make pretty dishes for Instagram (not that there's anything wrong with that). You're here to learn cooking and that's where our emphasis is

  3. Keep trying! - Cooking can be complicated and challenging. It's times like these where you will need patience. You might not get it the first time, but with practice and patience you'll get there