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2019 Overview & Transparency Report

It's been quite a beautiful first year for us at Expert By Experience. We launched back in October and our aim was to publish one article per month, as it pans out we've been averaging 2/3 articles per month. In December we published 5 articles, 4 of which were part of the Pets & Mental Health Series.

First and foremost we would like to thank our writers who have put forward open, vulnerable, critical and healing pieces. Expert By Experience would be nothing without the voices that choose us as their publication of choice.

As part our duty to be open, honest and transparent we are publishing our annual Overview & Transparency report for 2019. The aim of this report is to provide an oversight into how EBE operates, where our funding comes from, and most importantly where it goes.

Operations :

Expert By Experience is run by it's founder ,which is me Taimour Fazlani. I look after the operational side of EBE which includes updating the website, liaising with writers, editing pieces etc. However, I am greatly assisted by Ananya Rao-Middleton who is our co-editor and illustrator. It is through her vision and hard work that Expert By Experience has such a unique feel and look.

As it currently stands we do not have capacity to expand our team, however, as we look towards becoming a charity in 2020 this will change.

Where Our Funding Comes From? :

Funding for Expert By Experience comes from me, the founder. Something which is consistently stated on the website. Presently we have no form of income or charitable contributions being generated for Expert By Experience. In my heart I recognise that this mode of operation is not sustainable because the platform is effectively reliant on me generating income from my day job.

As a result in 2020 I will be looking towards fleshing out the business model for Expert By Experience so that we are able to generate streams of income which will be invested back into the platform for essential things such as paying writers, our illustrator and even holding workshops.

How Did We Spend Our Funds In 2019? :

In 2019 all of our funds were paid to women writers and our illustrator Ananya. This is something we are extremely proud of. Outside of my own contributions to EBE (which are not paid), we had one other male writer come forward. However, their contribution was unpaid as the writer choose to publish unpaid out of good will.

In summary we look forward to 2020, the year in which we aim to register as a charity, create our 3 - 5 year plan and hold workshops (something which we're excited for).

Not to mention the fact that we look forward to continuing our sole purpose, which is to platform marginalised voices to the best of our abilities.