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On this page, you will find our growing library of podcast episodes.


We currently have 2 series, 'Voice Of Experience' and 'Hum Baat Kareinge' (translation: Let's Talk in English).

Voice Of Experience is our weekly podcast series where we interview a variety of guests on subjects such as mental health, belonging and identity.

'Hum Baat Kareinge' (translation: Let's Talk in English) is our bi-weekly podcast series where I and my close friend Arooj do a round-up of all that's happening in the news.


Our particular focus here is to understand how such events will impact people of colour/black communities.

Hum Baat Karenge - Season 2: Let's Talk 2021

Episode 15 - Israa Nasir

Hum Baat Karenge - Episode 1

Growing Up In Essex Special With Arooj Khan

Harkaran (1).png

Episode 9 - Har1karan

image of ananya.png

Episode 6 - Ananya Rao-Middleton


Episode 3 - Bhavani Bindiganavile

Hum Baat Karenge - Episode 4 - Goodbye Dominic Cummings

Hum Baat Karenge - Episode 2

Episode 13 - Kapil Seshasayee

Episode 11 - Kaya Kannan

Manvinder Kaur.png

Episode 8 - Manvinder Kaur


Episode 5 - Arooj Khan

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Episode 2 - We Are Colourfull

Hum Baat Karenge - US Election Special

Episode 14 - Durre Shahwar

Episode 12 - Dear Brown People

Episode 10 - Dr. Pavan Joshi


Episode 7 - Dr.Devika Patel

Voices Of Experience _ Episode 4 - Audac

Episode 4 - Audacious Aunties


Voices Of Experience - Shuranjeet Takhar

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