Expert By Experience & Taraki are proud to present our first ever zine 

Centred on 'Isolation & Loneliness', we as a collective hope that this zine acts as a place of refuge.


More importantly, we hope that you are able to heal and grow with the authors as a community.

Our aim with this zine is to allow you, the reader, to take a step back and reconnect on your own terms.

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 15 (3).png

We hope to show you that we all exist as a part of a wider community where many collectives aim to provide communal healing, understanding and support.

Rooted in vast South Asian livelihoods, we hope that this zine speaks to your experiences and to others around you.

It is with love for our communities and societal mental wellbeing more broadly, that we move forward with our first zine.