Welcome to our low carbon impact website

  • All pitches should be sent via email to expertbyexperienceuk@gmail.com

  • The subject line should contain the word 'Pitch' which should be followed by your proposed headline for the article. Here's an example – 'Pitch: Mental health in the streets of Karachi'

  • The pitch should be no more than 700 words

  • We're all about accessibility, write your pitch and article in a language that's accessible to the wider public

  • Remember to hyperlink all external links 

  • Please note that while we make space for allies, the aim of EBE is to directly platform marginalised voices with the South Asian experience. As a result, we actively aim to publish such voices and this is reflected in whom we prioritise to publish

  • EBE is currently a one-man project so our aim is to get back to you as soon as possible. If you haven't heard from us in a few days just drop us a friendly reminder

  •  If your piece is selected please ensure to the best of your abilities that your article is fact-checked, original and grammatically correct

If you have any feedback on how we can improve our pitching workflow then please do email in.

Pitching ideas shouldn't be complicated or anxiety-inducing so we've made it as simple as possible.
Why have we made our website low impact?

The internet is quite damaging to the environment. Every time someone makes a visit to a website it generates a data transfer which requires electricity. Electricity ultimately creates carbon emissions - all of which negatively impacts the climate.


Our new low impact website aims to reduce the data transfers by up to 72% in comparison to our old website.


We will continue to improve our website so that it is as low emission as possible.

Source: https://www.websitecarbon.com/

New website carbon emission per click: 0.48g

Old website carbon emission per click: 1.72g