Expert By Experience is a volunteer-led multi-media platform that aims to create dialogue around mental health in South Asian communities through an intersectional and critical lens.


Mental health does not exist in a vacuum and our aim is to contextualise mental health in relation to sexual orientation, gender, caste, and patriarchy (to name a few). These are the added layers to our everyday experiences. 


The range of experiences within the South Asian diaspora is vast and beautiful - though it is often weaponised as a form of oppression.

Inspired by the beautiful present and historic work by South Asian activists, the aim of Expert By Experience is to provide a platform for voices within the South Asian diaspora.

It is only through helping others find a voice that will we do justice to ourselves as a cause for good.


Long & Short Reads

Read the works by South Asian writers on subjects such as mental health, belonging and identity.


Cooking Videos

Watch our cooking series entitled #DesiMenLetsTalkInTheKitchen

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Listen to our podcast series 'Voices Of Experience' & 'Hum Baat Kareinge'.



Engage with our growing resources that exist to support community and individual needs.

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Solidarity In Union

Read the works of our allies as we amplify marginalised voices outside of South Asian communities.

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