At EBE we always want to take an intersectional approach to mental health. 

Having been raised in a working-class immigrant family, I recognise the importance of finances when it comes to our mental well-being.


Put simply, a strain in personal, shared or family finances can strongly impact a person's mental health. An experience many of us have felt under the strains of capitalism.


This is why we're providing this free financial monitoring sheet so that you are able to track your finances over the space of a calendar year.

What does the sheet do?

This sheet provides you with the ability to monitor your income against your expenses. 

You can add or remove as many categories as you like from each area.

The summary section provides an overview of your monthly finances in relation to your ending balance for the month. 

This way you're able to monitor your transactions against your bank balance.

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Tutorial Videos

Please watch the videos below before getting started with the monitoring sheet. We would recommend starting with the overview video and then watching the other 2 videos.

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