Welcome to our low carbon impact website


Anti-Hate Alliance (AHA) is a project that serves to support people by tackling hate speech on social media. 


Hate speech has always been an issue on social media, as well as the broader online world.


Our belief is that no one should have to experience hate speech, let alone experience it alone.


Our aim is to create a community that tackles hate speech by coming together and reporting users who spread hate.


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We support those who are experiencing hate speech by mobilising our network. We do this by getting our community members to report users who are spreading hate so that it signals to social media authorities that they need to urgently attend to an issue.


We are NOT a vigilante group, we are simply an alliance that supports each other during times of need specific to hate speech online.

how does it work?

1 - We build a community of like-minded people against online hate speech



2- Once our community is built we create email alerts that are sent to all members informing them that a person/organisation from the community is in need of support against hate speech



3 - We as a community report all users who are spreading hate on a person/organisation's social media profiles

how does it work for you?

1 - Sign up to our network


2 - Once your application is approved you become a part of the community


3 - The community then supports you by reporting users who are spreading hate on your profile(s)


4 - You support the community by actively doing the same if ever you receive an email alert from AHA

together we are stronger

This is a community project.


As such, show up for others in their time of need as you would expect them to show up for you.

How to get involved

To get involved, please use our simple form below and we will be in touch.

Why have we made our website low impact?

The internet is quite damaging to the environment. Every time someone makes a visit to a website it generates a data transfer which requires electricity. Electricity ultimately creates carbon emissions - all of which negatively impacts the climate.


Our new low impact website aims to reduce the data transfers by up to 72% in comparison to our old website.


We will continue to improve our website so that it is as low emission as possible.

Source: https://www.websitecarbon.com/

New website carbon emission per click: 0.48g

Old website carbon emission per click: 1.72g