Ananya Rao-Middleton

Creative Director

I’m Ananya, and I’m the Creative Director for Expert by Experience. 

As Creative Director, I oversee the brand design, illustration and editing. I joined Expert by Experience because I’m passionate about the power of design and art in facilitating dialogue around everyday life - including mental health.


I come from a mixed-race background - my mother is South Indian and my father is English. My upbringing has given me first-hand experience into the ways in which mixed-race identities and their complexities influence mental health.


My own mental health journey propels my passion for initiatives like Expert by Experience. I struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression from when I was a teenager into my 20s, experiences that have shaped who I am today. Alongside raising awareness about mental health, I am also a passionate advocate for functional medicine and its impact on our mental and physical health, as someone who has both Post-Concussion Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis.


I hope to bring together my passion for illustration and mental health for Expert by Experience, alongside other activists who are participating in this important initiative for those in the South Asian communities. 

I am inspired by the multitude of experiences brought together through Expert by Experience and look forward to working with each and every one of you!