About Us

Expert By Experience (Not Intentionally)

Hey there, my name is Taimour Fazlani and I've been writing socio-political articles from the age of 21. 

The reason I've created this website/bog is to serve as an honest and open space where mental health in South Asian communities can be brought to the forefront.

Coming from a Pakistani background, I became an advocate for mental health after experiencing a mental health breakdown from anxiety in 2014. Although I've had anxiety all of my life, in 2014 everything changed.

Having gone through such a challenging experience I started researching and writing about mental health in South Asian communities. 

What I found through my research and lived experiences was that there is a vast gap where dialogue is needed for mental health in relation to sexual orientation, caste, religion and trauma for South Asian communities.

It is through this advocacy and desire to do my part for the communities which drives my work today, whether it be through writing articles, public speaking to workshops.

Inshallah, this website will be an extension of that.

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